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Laxminarayan Lenka
Central University of Hyderabad
  1. Onno Zijlstra, Language, Image and Silence: Kierkegaard and Wittgenstein on Ethics and Aesthetics. [REVIEW]Laxminarayan Lenka - 2007 - Philosophy in Review 27 (6):451-453.
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    Chantal Bax , Subjectivity After Wittgenstein: The Post-Cartesian Subject and the 'Death of Man' . Reviewed By.Laxminarayan Lenka - 2012 - Philosophy in Review 32 (5):348-350.
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    Private Language: Recognizing a Useful Nonsense. [REVIEW]Laxminarayan Lenka - 2007 - AI and Society 21 (1-2):14-26.
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    Knowing One’s Own Self: An Analysis of Vivekananda’s Approach to One’s Identity.Laxminarayan Lenka - 2018 - Journal of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research 35 (2):267-278.
    A successful declaration of one’s identity in saying “ahaṃ Brahmāsmi” is a result of knowing one’s own self as indistinguishable from Brahman. The non-difference between oneself and the Brahman is one’s true identity, and it goes without saying, knowledge of one’s true identity constitutes the correct knowing of one’s own self. That the said non-difference is upheld by vedānta, and we need to put this ideal non-difference into practice is the crux of Vivekananda’s practical vedānta. Vivekananda gives certain reasons for (...)
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