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    Elements of a Historical-Materialist Theory of Racism.David Camfield - 2016 - Historical Materialism 24 (1):31-70.
    This article aims to advance the historical-materialist understanding of racism by addressing some central theoretical questions. It argues that racism should be understood as a social relation of oppression rather than as solely or primarily an ideology, and suggests that a historical-materialist concept of race is necessary in order to capture features of societies shaped by historically specific racisms. A carefully conceived concept of privilege is also required if we are to grasp the contradictory ways in which members of dominant (...)
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  2. The Multitude and the Kangaroo: A Critique of Hardt and Negri's Theory of Immaterial Labour.David Camfield - 2007 - Historical Materialism 15 (2):21-52.
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    From Revolution to Modernising Counter-Revolution in Russia, 1917–28.David Camfield - 2020 - Historical Materialism 28 (2):107-139.
    This article presents a historical-materialist approach to key issues of revolution and counter-revolution and uses it to analyse what happened in Russia between 1917 and the late 1920s. What took place in 1917 was indeed a socialist revolution. However, by the end of 1918 working-class rule had been replaced with the rule of a working-class leadership layer that was improvising a fragile surplus-extracting state of proletarian origin. The eventual transformation of that layer into a new ruling class represented the triumph (...)
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