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  1. Swimming-Style Synesthesia.Danko Nikolić, Uta M. Jürgens, Nicolas Rothen, Beat Meier & Aleksandra Mroczko - 2011 - Cortex 47 (7):874-879.
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    Gamma Oscillations: Precise Temporal Coordination Without a Metronome.Danko Nikolić, Pascal Fries & Wolf Singer - 2013 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 17 (2):54-55.
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    Psychophysiological Evidence for the Genuineness of Swimming-Style Colour Synaesthesia.Nicolas Rothen, Danko Nikolić, Uta Maria Jürgens, Aleksandra Mroczko-Wąsowicz, Josephine Cock & Beat Meier - 2013 - Consciousness and Cognition 22 (1):35-46.
    Recently, swimming-style colour synaesthesia was introduced as a new form of synaesthesia. A synaesthetic Stroop test was used to establish its genuineness. Since Stroop interference can occur for any type of overlearned association, in the present study we used a modified Stroop test and psychophysiological synaesthetic conditioning to further establish the genuineness of this form of synaesthesia. We compared the performance of a swimming-style colour synaesthete and a control who was trained on swimming-style colour associations. Our results showed that behavioural (...)
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  4. Immediate Transfer of Synesthesia to a Novel Inducer.Aleksandra Mroczko, Thomas Metzinger, Wolf Singer & Danko Nikolić - 2009 - Journal of Vision 9 (12):1-8.
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    The Merit of Synesthesia for Consciousness Research.Tessa M. van Leeuwen, Wolf Singer & Danko Nikolić - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6.
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    Colored Alphabets in Bilingual Synesthetes.Aleksandra Mroczko-Wąsowicz & Danko Nikolić - 2013 - In Julia Simner & Edward Hubbard (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Synesthesia. Oxford University Press. pp. 165.
    Current research suggests that conceptual in?uences are primarily responsible for inducing synaesthesia, since numerous synaesthetic variants are triggered by linguistic symbols. These linguistic synaesthesias are the focus of the present review article. This article examines the literature on the transfer of synaesthetic colour-associations across languages and shows the scope of the linguistic mechanisms that are implicated. We review known evidence about the interaction between grapheme-colour synaesthesia and the acquisition of a second language, and specifically, we discuss cases of cross-linguistic transfer (...)
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    Chaotic Dimensionality of Hand Movements Define Processing Capacity by Relational Complexity.Danko Nikolic - 1998 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 21 (6):842-843.
    Measurements of the dimensionality of chaotic attractors obtained on behavioral data represent the task complexity and also could be hypothesized to reflect the number of synchronized neural groups involved in the generation of the data. The changes in dimensionality for different experimental conditions suggest that limited processing capacity, task complexity, demand, and synchrony in neural firing might be closely related.
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    Commentary on ''Cortical Activity and the Explanatory Gap'' by John G. Taylor.Danko Nikolic - 1998 - Consciousness and Cognition 7 (2):196-201.