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    On Argumentation Logic and Propositional Logic.Antonis C. Kakas, Paolo Mancarella & Francesca Toni - 2018 - Studia Logica 106 (2):237-279.
    This paper studies the relationship between Argumentation Logic, a recently defined logic based on the study of argumentation in AI, and classical Propositional Logic. In particular, it shows that AL and PL are logically equivalent in that they have the same entailment relation from any given classically consistent theory. This equivalence follows from a correspondence between the non-acceptability of sentences in AL and Natural Deduction proofs of the complement of these sentences. The proof of this equivalence uses a restricted form (...)
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    GORGIAS: Applying argumentation.Antonis C. Kakas, Pavlos Moraitis & Nikolaos I. Spanoudakis - 2018 - Argument and Computation 10 (1):55-81.
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    Informalizing Formal Logic.Antonis Kakas - 2019 - Informal Logic 39 (2):169-204.
    This paper presents a way in which formal logic can be understood and reformulated in terms of argumentation that can help us unify formal and informal reasoning. Classical deductive reasoning will be expressed entirely in terms of notions and concepts from argumentation so that formal logical entailment is equivalently captured via the arguments that win between those supporting concluding formulae and arguments supporting contradictory formulae. This allows us to go beyond Classical Logic and smoothly connect it with human reasoning, thus (...)
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    M odular- E and the role of elaboration tolerance in solving the qualification problem.Antonis Kakas, Loizos Michael & Rob Miller - 2011 - Artificial Intelligence 175 (1):49-78.
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    Abduction and Induction in AI: Report of the IJCAI'97 Workshop.Peter A. Flach & Antonis C. Kakas - 1998 - Logic Journal of the IGPL 6 (4):651-656.
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    Abduction and Induction in Artificial Intelligence.Antonis Kakas & Peter Flach - 2009 - Journal of Applied Logic 7 (3):251.
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    Argumentation: Reasoning Universalis.Antonis Kakas - 2022 - Studia Humana 11 (3-4):6-17.
    Can argumentation form the basis for any form of reasoning, informal or formal logical reasoning? We examine this question from the particular perspective of the recent developments in logic-based Artificial Intelligence (AI). We propose that argumentation provides the wider framework encompassing uniformly all reasoning, with strict or formal logical reasoning being a special boundary case. We also attempt to link this unifying role of argumentation with Aristotle’s original investigation of methods and forrmalisms for the systematic study of human reasoning.
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    Computational Logic: Logic Programming and Beyond: Essays in Honour of Robert A. Kowalski, Part I.Antonis C. Kakas & Robert Kowalski - 2002 - Springer.
    Alan Robinson This set of essays pays tribute to Bob Kowalski on his 60th birthday, an anniversary which gives his friends and colleagues an excuse to celebrate his career as an original thinker, a charismatic communicator, and a forceful intellectual leader. The logic programming community hereby and herein conveys its respect and thanks to him for his pivotal role in creating and fostering the conceptual paradigm which is its raison d’Œtre. The diversity of interests covered here reflects the variety of (...)
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