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    Therapeutic appropriation: a new concept in the ethics of clinical research.Rosalind McDougall, Dominique Martin, Lynn Gillam, Nina Hallowell, Alison Brookes & Marilys Guillemin - 2016 - Journal of Medical Ethics 42 (12):805-808.
    Ethical concerns about therapeutic misconception have been raised since the early 1980s. This concept was originally described as research participants' assumptions that decisions relating to research interventions are made on the basis of their individual therapeutic needs. The term has since been used to refer to a range of ‘misunderstandings’ that research participants may have. In this paper, we describe a new concept—therapeutic appropriation. Therapeutic appropriation occurs when patients, or clinicians, actively reframe research participation as an opportunity to enhance patients' (...)
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    Women's Voices: Prenatal Diagnosis and Care for the Disabled.Alison Brookes - 2001 - Health Care Analysis 9 (2):133-150.
    The development and implementation of prenataldiagnosis has changed the experience of pregnancy for many women. How women make decisions about prenatal diagnosis PD is an important question that challenges us both individually and as a community. The questionof care is central to many women's decision-making process. How much care a child will require, how much care a woman feels confident to provide, and the level of care available for children with genetic conditionsand families from their communities all impact on women's (...)
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    Primary care physicians' views about gatekeeping in clinical research recruitment: A qualitative study.Marilys Guillemin, Rosalind McDougall, Dominique Martin, Nina Hallowell, Alison Brookes & Lynn Gillam - 2017 - AJOB Empirical Bioethics 8 (2):99-105.
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