Embedding public categories

It's possible to embed public categories on third-party web sites. To do so, insert a code snippet like the following in your HTML where you would like the listing to appear:
<div id="xpapers_gadget"> Loading papers... (Click <a href="http://philpapers.org/browse/representationalism">here</a> if the papers don't load.) </div>
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://philpapers.org/browse/representationalism?format=embed&apiId=[API_ID]&apiKey=[API_KEY]"></script>
To insert another category than "Representationalism", adjust the part of the URL after "browse/" to match the URL of the category's page (there are two occurrences to change). Note that embedding will not work with categories that have sub-categories.

[API_ID] and [API_KEY] should be replaced by your API user ID and your API Key, respectively. You can obtain those for free here.