Customizing the look of embedded lists

The look of embedded lists of any kind can be extensively customized using CSS stylesheets. For example, you could insert the following code inside the HEAD part of your page to make it look a little nicer.
.xpapers_abstract { font-size:smaller; padding:2px }
.xpapers_title { font-weight:bold }
.xpapers_pubInfo { color : #444 }
If you don't know what this 'HEAD' thing is, insert the code right before the embedding code instead. This isn't the recommended way of doing things, but it works.

This snippet illustrates the most commonly used CSS classes. Entries are displayed in a list, and each item has the class xpapers_entry. The HTML injected by the PhilPapers Gadget also contains the classes xpapers_coauthors, xpapers_name, and xpapers_extras.