1. Increased Performance Variability as a Marker of Implicit/Explicit Interactions in Knowledge Awareness.Juliana Yordanova, Roumen Kirov & Vasil Kolev - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6.
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    Labile sleep promotes awareness of abstract knowledge in a serial reaction time task.Roumen Kirov, Vasil Kolev, Rolf Verleger & Juliana Yordanova - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6.
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    The sleeping brain and the neural basis of emotions.Roumen Kirov, Serge Brand, Vasil Kolev & Juliana Yordanova - 2012 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 35 (3):155-156.
    In addition to active wake, emotions are generated and experienced in a variety of functionally different states such as those of sleep, during which external stimulation and cognitive control are lacking. The neural basis of emotions can be specified by regarding the multitude of emotion-related brain states, as well as the distinct neuro- and psychodynamic stages (generation and regulation) of emotional experience.
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    Comorbidity in the context of neural network properties.Juliana Yordanova, Vasil Kolev, Roumen Kirov & Aribert Rothenberger - 2010 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 33 (2-3):176-177.
    Cramer et al.'s network approach reconceptualizes mental comorbidity on the basis of symptom space originating from psychometric signatures. We argue that the advantages of this approach need to be regarded in the context of the multi-level functional organization of the neural substrate, ranging from neurogenetic to psychometric. Neuroelectric oscillations are proposed as a level-integrating principle.
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