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    Introduction: The Becoming Topological of Culture.Celia Lury, Luciana Parisi & Tiziana Terranova - 2012 - Theory, Culture and Society 29 (4-5):3-35.
    In social and cultural theory, topology has been used to articulate changes in structures and spaces of power. In this introduction, we argue that culture itself is becoming topological. In particular, this ‘becoming topological’ can be identified in the significance of a new order of spatio-temporal continuity for forms of economic, political and cultural life today. This ordering emerges, sometimes without explicit coordination, in practices of sorting, naming, numbering, comparing, listing, and calculating. We show that the effect of these practices (...)
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    Futurepublic.Tiziana Terranova - 2007 - Theory, Culture and Society 24 (3):125-145.
    This article advances some considerations on the current production of hegemonic effects, starting with some problems posed by the work of one of the most influential writers in cultural studies – the American Palestinian critic Edward Said. Said's commentary on the coverage of Islam in the US media in the late 1970s allows for some challenging considerations on how hegemonic strategies directed at the formation of publics and public opinion are increasingly integrated within a global noopolitics of communication whose understanding (...)
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    Another Life.Tiziana Terranova - 2009 - Theory, Culture and Society 26 (6):234-262.
    The article focuses on the relation established by Foucault in the two lecture courses Security, Territory, Population and The Birth of Biopolitics between life, nature and political economy. It explores the ways in which liberalism constructs a notion of economic nature as a phenomenon of circulation of aleatory series of events and poses the latter as an internal limit to sovereign power. It argues that the entwinement of vital and economic processes provides the means of internal redefinition of the raison (...)
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    Introduction: Thinking after Michel Foucault.Couze Venn & Tiziana Terranova - 2009 - Theory, Culture and Society 26 (6):1-11.
    This Introduction to the Special Issue of Theory, Culture & Society on Michel Foucault draws out from the papers included the possibilities for new critiques of the present and new directions for the future, both for research in the social sciences and for imagining alternative ways of being. It highlights the innovative aspects of all the papers, and thus demonstrates that, in spite of the shortcomings in Foucault’s work which are picked out in the papers, his explorations of power, subjectivity (...)
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    Introduction to Eurocrisis, Neoliberalism and the Common.Tiziana Terranova - 2015 - Theory, Culture and Society 32 (7-8):5-23.
    This introduction frames the articles collected in the special section as the outcome of a process of ‘self-education’ taking place in the Italian free university network UniNomade 2.0 between 2010 and 2013. The open seminars and conferences organized by UniNomade 2.0 took as their object of inquiry the concept of the Common, while the articles selected focus in particular on the sovereign debt crisis of the European Union following the global financial crisis of 2008. The introduction thus summarizes the overall (...)
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  6. Alexander R. Galloway and Eugene Thacker, The Exploit: A Theory of Networks.Tiziana Terranova - 2009 - Radical Philosophy 156:46.
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    The Concept of Information.Tiziana Terranova - 2006 - Theory, Culture and Society 23 (2-3):286-288.