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    Aristotle on the Soul as Harmony.Melpomeni Vogiatzi - 2020 - Elenchos: Rivista di Studi Sul Pensiero Antico 41 (2):245-268.
    A topic common to both Plato’s and Aristotle’s discussions of theories of the soul is the doctrine of the soul as a harmony of the parts of the body. Plato’s Phaedo as well as Aristotle’s De anima and Eudemus present this theory and argue against the identification of the soul as a harmony. This paper has two focuses, one philosophical and one historical. First, I will focus on the argumentation used by Aristotle in his dialogue Eudemus, which is often associated (...)
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    The Byzantine reception of Aristotle’s Rhetoric: the 12th century Renaissance.Melpomeni Vogiatzi - 2020 - Byzantinische Zeitschrift 113 (3):1069-1088.
    In this paper, I argue that, after centuries of neglect, a revival of interest towards Aristotle’s Rhetoric took place in 12th century Constantinople, which led to the production of a number of commentaries. In order to give an overview of the commentary tradition on the Rhetoric, I examine first the surviving extant commentaries themselves, then the information that the commentators offer regarding their preceding interpretations, and last the traces of commentaries on the Rhetoric found in other treatises. This examination will (...)
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