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    [Omnibus Review].Gabriel Debs - 2001 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 7 (3):385-388.
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    The game operator acting on wadge classes of borel sets.Gabriel Debs & Jean Saint Raymond - 2019 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 84 (3):1224-1239.
    We study the behavior of the game operator $$ on Wadge classes of Borel sets. In particular we prove that the classical Moschovakis results still hold in this setting. We also characterize Wadge classes ${\bf{\Gamma }}$ for which the class has the substitution property. An effective variation of these results shows that for all $1 \le \eta < \omega _1^{{\rm{CK}}}$ and $2 \le \xi < \omega _1^{{\rm{CK}}}$, is a Spector class while is not.
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