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David Palme
Universität Erfurt
  1. Die "deutsche Freiheit". August Faust und die Krise der Moral.David Palme - 2016 - In Werner Konitzer & David Palme (eds.), "Arbeit", "Volk", "Gemeinschaft". Ethik und Ethiken im Nationalsozialismus. Frankfurt: Campus Verlag. pp. 67-82.
    The crimes committed by Germans under National Socialism would not have been possible without the existence of a web of shared ethical convictions. "Thick" terms such as "work", "people" or "community" are the nodal points of this intellectual construct. The contributions in this volume are not only concerned with the historical presentation of National Socialist normativity. Rather, they also make suggestions for the analysis of these concepts. An essential part of this effort is the examination of ethics of National Socialist-oriented (...)
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