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    A latent profile analysis of nurses’ moral sensitivity.Na Zhang, Jingjing Li, Zhen Xu & Zhenxing Gong - 2020 - Nursing Ethics 27 (3):855-867.
    Background: The three-dimensional model of nurses’ moral sensitivity has typically been studied using a variable-centered rather than a person-centered approach, preventing a more complete understanding of how these forms of moral sensitivity are expressed as a whole. Latent profile analysis is a person-centered approach that classifies individuals from a heterogeneous population into homogeneous subgroups, helping identify how different subpopulations of nurses use distinct combinations of different moral sensitivities to affect their service behaviors. Objective: Latent profile analysis was used to identify (...)
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    Effects of ethical leadership on nurses’ service behaviors.Na Zhang, Mingfang Li, Zhenxing Gong & Dingxin Xu - 2019 - Nursing Ethics 26 (6):1861-1872.
    Background: Nurses’ service behaviors have critical implications for hospitals. However, few studies had adequate ethical considerations of service behaviors and accounted for how organizational or individual antecedents can induce nurses to engage in service behaviors. In addition, they mainly focused on the one side of role-prescribed or extra-role service behavior. Objective: This study aims to explore the chained mediation effect of ethical climate and moral sensitivity on the relationship between organizational ethical leadership and nurses’ service behaviors and to examine the (...)
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    Using a Feedback Environment to Improve Creative Performance: A Dynamic Affect Perspective.Zhenxing Gong & Na Zhang - 2017 - Frontiers in Psychology 8.
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    High-Power Distance Is Not Always Bad: Ethical Leadership Results in Feedback Seeking.Zhenxing Gong, Lyn Van Swol, Zhiyuan Xu, Kui Yin, Na Zhang, Faheem Gul Gilal & Xiaowei Li - 2019 - Frontiers in Psychology 10.
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    Follower-Centered Perspective on Feedback: Effects of Feedback Seeking on Identification and Feedback Environment.Zhenxing Gong, Miaomiao Li, Yaoyuan Qi & Na Zhang - 2017 - Frontiers in Psychology 8.
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