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    An Algebraic Characterization of Equivalent Preferential Models.Zhaohui Zhu & Rong Zhang - 2007 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 72 (3):803 - 833.
    Preferential model is one of the important semantical structures in nonmonotonic logic. This paper aims to establish an isomorphism theorem for preferential models, which gives us a purely algebraic characterization of the equivalence of preferential models. To this end, we present the notions of local similarity and local simulation. Based on these notions, two operators Δ(·) and μ(·) over preferential models are introduced and explored respectively. Together with other two existent operators ρ(·) and ΠD(·), we introduce an operator ∂D(·). Then (...)
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    Valuation Structure.Zhaohui Zhu, Zhenghua Pan, Shifu Chen & Wujia Zhu - 2002 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 67 (1):1-23.
    This paper introduces valuation structures associated with preferential models. Based on KLM valuation structures, we present a canonical approach to obtain injective preferential models for any preferential relation satisfying the property INJ, and give uniform proofs of representation theorems for injective preferential relations appeared in the literature. In particular, we show that, in any propositional language (finite or infinite), a preferential inference relation satisfies INJ if and only if it can be represented by a standard preferential model. This conclusion generalizes (...)
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    Axiomatizing Lüttgen & Vogler's Ready Simulation for Finite Processes in CLL R.Yan Zhang, Zhaohui Zhu, Jinjin Zhang & Yong Zhou - 2015 - Journal of Applied Logic 13 (4):654-675.
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