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Zara Bain
University of Bristol
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    Is there such a thing as ‘white ignorance’ in British education?Zara Bain - 2018 - Ethics and Education 13 (1):4-21.
    I argue that political philosopher Charles W. Mills’ twin concepts of ‘the epistemology of ignorance’ and ‘white ignorance’ are useful tools for thinking through racial injustice in the British education system. While anti-racist work in British education has a long history, racism persists in British primary, secondary and tertiary education. For Mills, the production and reproduction of racism relies crucially on cognitive and epistemological processes that produce ignorance, and which promote various ways of ignoring the histories and legacies of European (...)
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    The Message in the Microaggression: Epistemic Oppression at the Intersection of Disability and Race.Zara Bain & Jeanine Weekes Schroer - 2020 - In Jeanine Weekes Schroer & Lauren Freeman (eds.), Microaggressions and Philosophy. New York:
    This chapter articulates how people understand “microaggression” and offers a clarifying augmentation of that account. It attempts to define disability, and then talk through how analysis connects with the very few discussions of microaggressions within the context of disability. The chapter introduces the case of “Disabled But Not Really.” It leverages previous analysis to show how microaggressions’ mixed legibility is crucial to their role in maintaining an epistemology that polices disability in general and disabled people in particular. The chapter discusses (...)
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    Philosophy: a crash course.Zara Bain - 2019 - New York: Metro Books. Edited by A. M. Ferner & Nadia Mehdi.
    It is easy to think of philosophy as being something abstract, something that academics study in isolation from the real world. Yet we make decisions based on philosophical debates every day--why is your money yours and not ours? Why shouldn't you lie? Or is it ever acceptable to lie? Philosophy: A Crash Course will guide you through the key concepts and theories, from logic to justice and from art to censorship. But it also tackles the philosophical side to today's essential (...)
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    Responding to Cognitive Injustice: Towards a 'Southern' Decolonial Epistemology. [REVIEW]Zara Bain - 2017 - Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric 9 (2).