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    Who is prone to wander and when? Examining an integrative effect of working memory capacity and mindfulness trait on mind wandering under different task loads.Yu-Jeng Ju & Yunn-Wen Lien - 2018 - Consciousness and Cognition 63:1-10.
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    Better control with less effort: The advantage of using focused-breathing strategy over focused-distraction strategy on thought suppression.Yu-Jeng Ju & Yunn-Wen Lien - 2016 - Consciousness and Cognition 40:9-16.
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    What Confucius practiced is good for your mind: Examining the effect of a contemplative practice in Confucian tradition on executive functions.Shan-Chuan Teng & Yunn-Wen Lien - 2016 - Consciousness and Cognition 42:204-215.
  4. From falsification to generating an alternative hypothesis: Exploring the role of the new-perspective hypothesis in successful 2-4-6 task performance. [REVIEW]Yunn-Wen Lien & Wei-Lun Lin - 2011 - Thinking and Reasoning 17 (2):105 - 136.
    Previous research has found no consistent relationship between measures of disconfirmatory evidence, alternative hypotheses, and people's success in rule-discovery tasks. The present paper explores falsification's inductive benefit under the ?context of discovery? in Wason's 2?4?6 task by developing a new type of alternative hypothesis, which we label the ?new-perspective hypothesis?. Experiment 1 found that falsification is effective only when a new-perspective hypothesis is generated, rather than a same-perspective hypothesis. The total number of alternative hypotheses was also unrelated to rule-discovery success. (...)
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