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    Assessing the Role of the ‘Unity Assumption’ on Multisensory Integration: A Review.Yi-Chuan Chen & Charles Spence - 2017 - Frontiers in Psychology 8.
  2.  62
    When hearing the bark helps to identify the dog: Semantically-congruent sounds modulate the identification of masked pictures.Yi-Chuan Chen & Charles Spence - 2010 - Cognition 114 (3):389-404.
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    Assessing the effects of audiovisual semantic congruency on the perception of a bistable figure.Jhih-Yun Hsiao, Yi-Chuan Chen, Charles Spence & Su-Ling Yeh - 2012 - Consciousness and Cognition 21 (2):775-787.
    Bistable figures provide a fascinating window through which to explore human visual awareness. Here we demonstrate for the first time that the semantic context provided by a background auditory soundtrack can modulate an observer’s predominant percept while watching the bistable “my wife or my mother-in-law” figure . The possibility of a response-bias account—that participants simply reported the percept that happened to be congruent with the soundtrack that they were listening to—was excluded in Experiment 2. We further demonstrate that this crossmodal (...)
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