1. Wen Hua Fu Xing Lun: Gong Gong Ru Xue de Jin Lu.Xize Deng - 2009 - Ren Min Chu Ban She.
    在当代中国, 探讨文化复兴问题不仅具有重要的学术价值, 而且具有重大的现实意义.本书是一本直接以文化复兴为研究对象的专著, 分为上下两篇.上篇是理论篇, 严格地探究了文化复兴的生存论基础, 即历史文化对生活的建构功能; 下篇是应用篇.
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    Problem and Method: The Possibility of Comparative Study—Using “Lun Liujia Yaozhi” as an Example. [REVIEW]Xize Deng - 2010 - Frontiers of Philosophy in China 5 (4):575-600.
    On the basis of general characteristics, comparative studies can be restricted by cross-cultural comparison in a narrow sense. In this paper, I take Chinese philosophy as an example to investigate the current problems within comparative studies. However, it is possible to embark on comparative study. Lun Liujia Yaozhi 论六家要旨 ( Discussion on the Main Points of the Six Schools ) conducts a successful comparison, from which we can extract the comparative method of Problem and Method, and it points directly to (...)
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    On the Problem of the Meaning of Life in “Chinese Philosophy”.Xize Deng - 2011 - Frontiers of Philosophy in China 6 (4):609-627.
    The goal of “(modern) Chinese Philosophy” established during the period of the May 4th Movement is to reestablish the meaning of life for Chinese people. However, because it takes the approach of interpreting Chinese thinking through a Western lens, thus forming a discourse pattern of “Chinese A is Western B,” which is only capable of manifesting Western culture, “Chinese Philosophy” is made logically impossible as the ideological source from which modern Chinese thinkers could construct the meaning of life. The ideological (...)
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