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    Mencius, Hume, and the Foundations of Ethics.Xiusheng Liu - 2003 - Routledge.
    What is the most distinctive feature of human nature? Does human nature play any significant role in explaining ethical objectivity? How do we arrive at moral judgments? What is the relationship between moral judgments and moral motivation? In answering these questions, this book defends a naturalist, realist and internalist theory of the foundations of ethics. This theory, grounded on a particular concept of humanity, combines insights from Mencius and David Hume. The views of each show how important features left underdeveloped (...)
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    Mencius, Hume, and sensibility theory.Xiusheng Liu - 2002 - Philosophy East and West 52 (1):75-97.
    Sensibility theory claims that, for any object x, x is good/right if and only if x is such as to make a certain sentiment appropriate. A realist position, sensibility theory claims conceptual and explanatory advantages over alternative metaethical theories. Sensibility theory, while revealing, presents a problem of its own: its central thesis involves an explanatory circularity. Here, a Mencius-Hume solution to that problem is offered.
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    Essays on the Moral Philosophy of Mengzi.Xiusheng Liu & Philip J. Ivanhoe (eds.) - 2002 - Hackett Publishing Company.
    Mengzi is known for his sophisticated views on human nature and moral psychology. These essays explore a range of philosophical ideas at the core of his moral philosophy and relate them to both traditional Chinese and current Western philosophical concerns. The introduction provides historical background and philosophical context, and discusses each of the selections alongside Mengzi's work as a whole.
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  4. The Place of Humanity in Ethics: Combined Insights From Mencius and Hume.Xiusheng Liu - 1999 - Dissertation, The University of Texas at Austin
    I present and defend a naturalist, internalist, and realist theory of the foundations of ethics. The theory, grounded in a particular concept of humanity, combines features of the Mencian and the Humean moral traditions. ;An acceptable moral theory must contain accounts of human nature and moral phenomenology. The former includes analyses of moral agency and moral psychology, the latter the nature of moral perception and the meaning of moral language. Both Mencius and Hume offer moral theories that attempt to meet (...)
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