Xiaolin Lin [3]Xiaoling Lin [1]
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    Exploring the Security of Information Sharing on Social Networking Sites: The Role of Perceived Control of Information.Nick Hajli & Xiaolin Lin - 2016 - Journal of Business Ethics 133 (1):111-123.
    Social networking sites have challenged ethical issues about users’ information security and privacy. SNS users are concerned about their privacy and need to control the information they share and its use. This paper examines the security of SNS by taking a look at the influence of users’ perceived control of information over their information-sharing behaviors. Employing an empirical study, this paper demonstrates the importance of perceived control in SNS users’ information-sharing behaviors. Specifically, perceived control has been found to be negatively (...)
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    Investigating the Impacts of Organizational Factors on Employees’ Unethical Behavior Within Organization in the Context of Chinese Firms.Xiaolin Lin, Paul F. Clay, Nick Hajli & Majid Dadgar - 2018 - Journal of Business Ethics 150 (3):779-791.
    Unethical behavior is under-examined in the workplace. To date, few studies have attempted to explore the antecedents of an employee’s ethical decisions, particularly with respect to unethical behavior and its effects. To capture an employee’s psychological perception of unethical behavior in the workplace, this paper integrates organizational factors into the Theory of Reasoned Action. By conducting an empirical study in a Chinese firm, we found that codes of conduct and performance pressure have a significant influence on an employee’s attitude toward (...)
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    Towards an Ethical and Trustworthy Social Commerce Community for Brand Value Co-creation: A trust-Commitment Perspective.Xuequn Wang, Mina Tajvidi, Xiaolin Lin & Nick Hajli - 2020 - Journal of Business Ethics 167 (1):137-152.
    Firms have been increasingly using social commerce platforms to engage with customers and support their brand value co-creation. While social commerce is now bringing a variety of benefits to business, it has also challenged marketing ethics surrounding online consumer privacy. Drawing on the trust-commitment theory, we develop a model that aims to create an ethical and trustworthy social commerce community for brand value co-creation by examining the impacts of online consumer privacy concerns and social interaction constructs on consumers’ psychological reactions. (...)
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    Family and Psychosocial Functioning in Bipolar Disorder: The Mediating Effects of Social Support, Resilience and Suicidal Ideation.Wenbo Dou, Xueying Yu, Hengying Fang, Dali Lu, Lirong Cai, Caihong Zhu, Kunlun Zong, Yingjun Zheng & Xiaoling Lin - 2022 - Frontiers in Psychology 12.
    Patients with bipolar disorder may experience family dysfunction, which might result in worse psychosocial functioning through environmental and psychological factors. Research investigating the mediating role of social support, resilience and suicidal ideation on family and psychosocial functioning in BD is rare. The study aims to explore the predicting and mediating effects of social support, resilience and suicidal ideation on family and psychosocial functioning in BD patients. Two hundred forty-six patients with BD and sixty-nine healthy controls were recruited. The Family Assessment (...)
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