1.  63
    Using the Hands to Identify Who Does What to Whom: Gesture and Speech Go Hand‐in‐Hand.Wing Chee So, Sotaro Kita & Susan Goldin-Meadow - 2009 - Cognitive Science 33 (1):115-125.
    In order to produce a coherent narrative, speakers must identify the characters in the tale so that listeners can figure out who is doing what to whom. This paper explores whether speakers use gesture, as well as speech, for this purpose. English speakers were shown vignettes of two stories and asked to retell the stories to an experimenter. Their speech and gestures were transcribed and coded for referent identification. A gesture was considered to identify a referent if it was produced (...)
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    The Seeds of Spatial Grammar in the Manual Modality.Wing Chee So, Marie Coppola, Vincent Licciardello & Susan Goldin-Meadow - 2005 - Cognitive Science 29 (6):1029-1043.
    Sign languages modulate the production of signs in space and use this spatial modulation to refer back to entities—to maintain coreference. We ask here whether spatial modulation is so fundamental to language in the manual modality that it will be invented by individuals asked to create gestures on the spot. English speakers were asked to describe vignettes under 2 conditions: using gesture without speech, and using speech with spontaneous gestures. When using gesture alone, adults placed gestures for particular entities in (...)
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    A Feel for Numbers: The Changing Role of Gesture in Manipulating the Mental Representation of an Abacus Among Children at Different Skill Levels.Philip S. Cho & Wing Chee So - 2018 - Frontiers in Psychology 9.
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