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William S. Cooper [7]William Secord Cooper [1]
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    Decision theory as a branch of evolutionary theory: A biological derivation of the savage axioms.William S. Cooper - 1987 - Psychological Review 94 (4):395-411.
  2. The propositional logic of ordinary discourse.William S. Cooper - 1968 - Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 11 (1-4):295 – 320.
    The logical properties of the 'if-then' connective of ordinary English differ markedly from the logical properties of the material conditional of classical, two-valued logic. This becomes apparent upon examination of arguments in conversational English which involve (noncounterfactual) usages of if-then'. A nonclassical system of propositional logic is presented, whose conditional connective has logical properties approximating those of 'if-then'. This proposed system reduces, in a sense, to the classical logic. Moreover, because it is equivalent to a certain nonstandard three-valued logic, its (...)
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    The Evolution of Reason: Logic as a Branch of Biology.William S. Cooper - 2001 - Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press.
    The formal systems of logic have ordinarily been regarded as independent of biology, but recent developments in evolutionary theory suggest that biology and logic may be intimately interrelated. In this book, William Cooper outlines a theory of rationality in which logical law emerges as an intrinsic aspect of evolutionary biology. This biological perspective on logic, though at present unorthodox, could change traditional ideas about the reasoning process. Cooper examines the connections between logic and evolutionary biology and illustrates how logical rules (...)
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    Foundations of Logico-Linguistics.D. E. Over & William S. Cooper - 1979 - Philosophical Quarterly 29 (116):275.
  5. Book reviews-the evolution of reason. Logic as a branch of biology.William S. Cooper & Giovanni Boniolo - 2002 - History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences 24 (2):335-336.
  6. Set Theory and Syntactic Description.William S. Cooper - 1964 - Foundations of Language 2 (4):402-404.
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    The logico-linguistic evidence underlying Montague's language descriptions.William S. Cooper - 1978 - Synthese 38 (1):39 - 71.