William M. Kallfelz [3]William Michael Kallfelz [1]
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William Kallfelz
Mississippi State University
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    Physical Emergence and Process Ontology.William M. Kallfelz - 2012 - Process Studies 41 (1):194-195.
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    Ghirardi-Rimini-Weber Collapse Theory and Whiteheadian Process Philosophy.William M. Kallfelz - 2009 - Process Studies 38 (2):368-393.
    There have been many attempts to undertand the connections between quantum theory and Whiteheadian process philosophy. However, due to the ontological considerations, it is very important to specify which interpretation of quantum theory one embraces before inquiring into the details of Whitehead`s philosophy of organism. In this article, I argue that Ghirardi-Rimini-Weber (GRW) collapse interpretation of quantum theory serves as a suitable point of departure for future endeavors. Comparisons with many-worlds interpretation and decoherence approach have also been provided.
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    Physical emergence and process ontology.William M. Kallfelz - 2009 - World Futures 65 (1):42 – 60.
    Alfred North Whitehead introduces in Process and Reality the notion that the ?philosophy of organism is a cell-theory of actuality.? I argue here that the most promising venue for a concordance with process ontology vis-à-vis extant physical theory includes the notions of dynamical and ontological emergence in the physical sciences, as described in Silberstein and McGeever (1999) as well as in Kronz and Tiehen (2002). Here I draw on my previous claims (1997, 2005, 2006) to show in more general terms (...)
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