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    Contemporary Psychology and Philosophy.William L. Kelly - 1965 - New Scholasticism 39 (4):421-450.
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    Psychology of the unconscious: Mesmer, Janet, Freud, Jung, and current issues.William L. Kelly - 1991 - Buffalo, N.Y.: Prometheus Books.
    Despite two centuries of research, the human unconscious remains a vast, virtually uncharted territory in the field of psychology. Further understanding of the unconscious mind is crucial, since it is from this wellspring that the totality of human experience arises in all its complexity and power. Clinical psychology discovers the origins of behavioral disorders by examining historical and medical data, but the precise synthesis of these determinants is only now being discovered. In The Psychology of the Unconscious William L. Kelly (...)
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    Philosophy Problems of Psychology.William L. Kelly - 1967 - New Scholasticism 41 (4):535-537.
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    Readings in the philosophy of man.William L. Kelly - 1967 - New York,: McGraw-Hill. Edited by Andrew Tallon.