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William J. Melanson
University of Nebraska, Omaha
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    Reassessing the Epistemological Challenge to Mathematical Platonism.William J. Melanson - 2011 - Croatian Journal of Philosophy 11 (3):295-304.
    In his Realism, Mathematics, and Modality, Hartry Field attempted to revitalize the epistemological case against mathematical platontism by challenging mathematical platonists to explain how we could be epistemically reliable with regard to the abstract objects of mathematics. Field suggested that the seeming impossibility of providing such an explanation tends to undermine belief in the existence of abstract mathematical objects regardless of whatever reason we have for believing in their existence. After more than two decades, Field’s explanatory challenge remains among the (...)
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    Philosophical Inquiry: Classic and Contemporary Readings. [REVIEW]William J. Melanson - 2010 - Teaching Philosophy 33 (1):94-98.
  3. You Can't Buy Much with Intellectual Credit.William J. Melanson - 2012 - American Philosophical Quarterly 49 (3):253-266.
    Over the last two decades, epistemologists have become increasingly perplexed by the epistemic value problem. The problem, which first came to light in Plato's Meno, is to explain how knowledge is more epistemically valuable than mere true belief. After centuries of neglect, the value problem reemerged as part of the debate between epistemic internalists and externalists. Most notably, the value problem was wielded against forms of process reliabilism. At heart, the criticism was that being the product of a reliable belief-forming (...)
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