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    Corporate criminal intent.William A. Simpson - unknown
  2. Perception and Thought in Aristotle's "de Anima".William A. Simpson - 1995 - Dissertation, University of Colorado at Boulder
    In De Anima III.8 Aristole asserts that "the soul is in a sense all things" because it becomes whatever is thought or perceived. Yet the relationship between the soul and an object of perception or thought is most likely not one of numerical identity. As Aristotle says, "The stone is not in the soul but, rather, form" . Now if soul-object relations cannot be explained solely in terms of numerical identity, it is incumbent upon Aristotle to state what other sense (...)
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    Companions to Ancient Thought 2. [REVIEW]William A. Simpson - 1993 - Teaching Philosophy 16 (1):82-84.
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    L’origine et l’evolution du concept grec de phusis. [REVIEW]William A. Simpson - 1995 - Ancient Philosophy 15 (1):220-222.