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    Sluicing and logical form.Sandra Chung, William A. Ladusaw & James McCloskey - 1995 - Natural Language Semantics 3 (3):239-282.
    This paper presents a novel analysis of Sluicing, an ellipsis construction first described by Ross (1969) and illustrated by the bracketed portion ofI want to do something, but I'm just not sure [what _]. Starting from the assumption that a sluice consists of a displaced Wh-constituent and an empty IP, we show how simple and general LF operations fill out the empty IP and thereby provide it with an interpretable Logical Form. The LF operations we appeal to rely on the (...)
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  2. Negation and polarity items.William A. Ladusaw - 1996 - In Shalom Lappin (ed.), The handbook of contemporary semantic theory. Cambridge, Mass., USA: Blackwell Reference. pp. 321--341.
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    Logical form and conditions on grammaticality.William A. Ladusaw - 1983 - Linguistics and Philosophy 6 (3):373 - 392.
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    Chamorro evidence for compositional asymmetry.Sandra Chung & William A. Ladusaw - 2006 - Natural Language Semantics 14 (4):325-357.
    In earlier work, we developed an composition in which predicates can be composed with arguments by operations other than Function Application, and it makes a difference which composition operation is employed. Here we take our approach further by examining two nonsaturating operations that combine property contents: Restrict, which composes a predicate with the property content of an indefinite; and Modify, which is involved in predicate modification. Nonsaturating operations that combine property contents are often formalized in terms of predicate intersection, which (...)
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    Montague's 'universal grammar': An introduction for the linguist. [REVIEW]Per-Kristian Halvorsen & William A. Ladusaw - 1979 - Linguistics and Philosophy 3 (2):185 - 223.