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    Informational dynamic systems: Autonomy, information, function.Walter Riofrio - 2007 - In Carlos Gershenson, Diederik Aerts & Bruce Edmonds (eds.), Worldviews, Science, and Us: Philosophy and Complexity. World Scientific.
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    Understanding the Emergence of Cellular Organization.Walter Riofrio - 2008 - Biosemiotics 1 (3):361-377.
    More than one researcher is currently proposing that the notion of information become an important element for defining living systems as well as for explaining conditions that make their origins possible. During the pre-biotic era, the type of compounds encountered would mainly have been very simple in nature and might have been immersed in the natural dynamic of the physical world and in processes of self-organization. It is furthermore quite possible that they formed a relationship between and among certain types (...)
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    Studies on Molecular Mechanisms of Prebiotic Systems.Walter Riofrio - 2012 - Foundations of Science 17 (3):277-289.
    Lately there has been a growing interest in evolutionary studies concerning how the regularities and patterns found in the living cell could have emerged spontaneously by way of self-assembly and self-organization. It is reasonable to postulate that the chemical compounds found in the primitive Earth would have mostly been very simple in nature, and would have been immersed in the natural dynamics of the physical world, some of which would have involved self-organization. It seems likely that some molecular processes self-organized (...)
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    Self-Organizing Dynamics of a Minimal Protocell: Implications for Evolutionary Theory.Walter Riofrio - 2008 - Proceedings of the Xxii World Congress of Philosophy 43:185-191.
    In this paper, we present an argument showing why the general properties of a self-organizing system (e.g. being far from equilibrium) may be too weak to characterize biological and proto-biological systems. The special character of biological systems, tell us that its distinctive capacities could have been developed in pre-biotic times. In other words, the basic properties of life would be better comprehended if we think that they were much more likely early in time. We developed a conceptual proposal on the (...)
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