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    Noninductive Evidence: Recent Work on Wittgenstein's "Criteria".W. Gregory Lycan - 1971 - American Philosophical Quarterly 8 (2):109 - 125.
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    On "Intentionality" and the Psychological.W. Gregory Lycan - 1969 - American Philosophical Quarterly 6 (4):305-311.
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  3. Hare, Singer and Gewirth on Universalizability.W. Gregory Lycan - 1969 - Philosophical Quarterly 19 (75):135-144.
    This paper compares the attempts of hare, Singer and gewirth to provide the trivially true universalizability principle with normative content. The programs of hare and singer share an inability to convict the sincere fanatic ( the servant of an immoral but aesthetically compelling ideal) of moral inconsistency. Gewirth avoids the "fanatic" pitfall by adding some purely logical footwork; but his system too admits of important indeterminacies which may or may not prove fatal, E.G., The handling of morally tolerable coercion and (...)
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    Hartshorne and Findlay on ‘Necessity’ in the Ontological Argument.W. Gregory Lycan - 1968 - Philosophical Studies (Dublin) 17:132-141.
    CHARLES HARTSHORNE, in Anselm’s Discovery, begins his attempt to save the Ontological Argument by claiming that its latter half has been ‘conveniently ignored’ by its critics through nine centuries of debate. His own contentions center around a slightly updated version of Anselm’s ‘second’ Argument, as found in Proslogium III I paraphrase his reasoning as follows.
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