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    Gricean Deference.W. E. Cooper - 2007 - Metaphilosophy 7 (2):91-101.
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    A Case for Capital Punishment.W. E. Cooper - 1989 - Journal of Social Philosophy 20 (3):64-76.
    We shall argue that there is adequate moral justification for capital punishment with linkage, that is, with linkage to keeping non‐murderers from dying. We present the argument with two aims in mind. The first is to question the conventional wisdom, seldom challenged even by proponents of capital punishment, that being an abolitionist is closely connected to having a civilized respect for human life. This conventional wisdom, we hope to show, is somewhat off the mark. To this end we exhibit structural (...)
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    William James’s Theory of the Self.W. E. Cooper - 1992 - The Monist 75 (4):504-520.
    I offer here a solution to a mystery about William James's theory of the self. Among the many students of James who have been mystified is Gerald Myers, who expresses surprise in William James: His Life and Thought that, given the religious and mystical overtones of his later metaphysics, James did not abandon the apparent bodily self of the earlier Principles of Psychology for a “nonbodily, spiritual, and mysterious referent for the first-person pronoun,” instead of consistently adhering “to his claims (...)
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