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    Landscape of Machine Implemented Ethics.Vivek Nallur - 2020 - Science and Engineering Ethics 26 (5):2381-2399.
    This paper surveys the state-of-the-art in machine ethics, that is, considerations of how to implement ethical behaviour in robots, unmanned autonomous vehicles, or software systems. The emphasis is on covering the breadth of ethical theories being considered by implementors, as well as the implementation techniques being used. There is no consensus on which ethical theory is best suited for any particular domain, nor is there any agreement on which technique is best placed to implement a particular theory. Another unresolved problem (...)
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    Immune moral models? Pro-social rule breaking as a moral enhancement approach for ethical AI.Rajitha Ramanayake, Philipp Wicke & Vivek Nallur - 2023 - AI and Society 38 (2):801-813.
    We are moving towards a future where Artificial Intelligence (AI) based agents make many decisions on behalf of humans. From healthcare decision-making to social media censoring, these agents face problems, and make decisions with ethical and societal implications. Ethical behaviour is a critical characteristic that we would like in a human-centric AI. A common observation in human-centric industries, like the service industry and healthcare, is that their professionals tend to break rules, if necessary, for pro-social reasons. This behaviour among humans (...)
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    Empathetic AI for ethics-in-the-small.Vivek Nallur & Graham Finlay - 2023 - AI and Society 38 (2):973-974.