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    Semantical Considerations on Floyd-Hoare Logic.Vaughan R. Pratt, Michael J. Fischer, Richard E. Ladner, Krister Segerberg, Tadeuz Traczyk & Rohit Parikh - 1986 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 51 (1):225-227.
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    Application of modal logic to programming.Vaughan R. Pratt - 1980 - Studia Logica 39 (2-3):257 - 274.
    The modal logician's notion of possible world and the computer scientist's notion of state of a machine provide a point of commonality which can form the foundation of a logic of action. Extending ordinary modal logic with the calculus of binary relations leads to a very natural logic for describing the behavior of computer programs.
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    Dynamic algebras: Examples, constructions, applications.Vaughan Pratt - 1991 - Studia Logica 50 (3-4):571 - 605.
    Dynamic algebras combine the classes of Boolean (B 0) and regular (R ; *) algebras into a single finitely axiomatized variety (B R ) resembling an R-module with scalar multiplication . The basic result is that * is reflexive transitive closure, contrary to the intuition that this concept should require quantifiers for its definition. Using this result we give several examples of dynamic algebras arising naturally in connection with additive functions, binary relations, state trajectories, languages, and flowcharts. The main result (...)
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    Chu spaces from the representational viewpoint.Vaughan Pratt - 1999 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 96 (1-3):319-333.
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    Sock Sorting: An Example of a Vague Algorithm.Rohit Parikh, Laxmi Parida & Vaughan Pratt - 2001 - Logic Journal of the IGPL 9 (5):687-692.
    We give an example of a polynomial time algorithm for a particular algorithmic problem involving vagueness and visual indiscriminability, namely sock sorting.
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    Algebra.Vaughan Pratt - 2010 - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
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