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    Turing Degrees in Polish Spaces and Decomposability of Borel Functions.Vassilios Gregoriades, Takayuki Kihara & Keng Meng Ng - 2020 - Journal of Mathematical Logic 21 (1):2050021.
    We give a partial answer to an important open problem in descriptive set theory, the Decomposability Conjecture for Borel functions on an analytic subset of a Polish space to a separable metrizable space. Our techniques employ deep results from effective descriptive set theory and recursion theory. In fact it is essential to extend several prominent results in recursion theory (e.g. the Shore-Slaman Join Theorem) to the setting of Polish spaces. As a by-product we give both positive and negative results on (...)
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    A Recursion Theoretic Characterization of the Topological Vaught Conjecture in the Zermelo-Fraenkel Set Theory.Vassilios Gregoriades - 2017 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 63 (6):544-551.
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    The Dyck and the Preiss Separation Uniformly.Vassilios Gregoriades - 2018 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 169 (10):1082-1116.
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