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    Dirt, Disgust, and Disease: Is Hygiene in Our Genes?Valerie Curtis & Adam Biran - 2001 - Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 44 (1):17-31.
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  2. Gaining Control: How Human Behavior Evolved.Robert Aunger & Valerie Curtis - 2015 - Oxford University Press.
    'Gaining control' tells the story of how human behavioral capacities evolved from those of other animal species. Exploring what is known about the psychological capacities of other groups of animals, the authors reconstruct a fascinating history of our own mental evolution. The result is a provocative and insightful book.
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  3. Kinds of Behaviour.Robert Aunger & Valerie Curtis - 2008 - Biology and Philosophy 23 (3):317-345.
    Sciences able to identify appropriate analytical units for their domain, their natural kinds, have tended to be more progressive. In the biological sciences, evolutionary natural kinds are adaptations that can be identified by their common history of selection for some function. Human brains are the product of an evolutionary history of selection for component systems which produced behaviours that gave adaptive advantage to their hosts. These structures, behaviour production systems, are the natural kinds that psychology seeks. We argue these can (...)
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    Unintentional Behaviour Change.Robert Aunger & Valerie Curtis - 2014 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 37 (4):418-418.
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