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    The Theory of (Exclusively) Local Beables.Travis Norsen - 2010 - Foundations of Physics 40 (12):1858-1884.
    It is shown how, starting with the de Broglie–Bohm pilot-wave theory, one can construct a new theory of the sort envisioned by several of QM’s founders: a Theory of Exclusively Local Beables (TELB). In particular, the usual quantum mechanical wave function (a function on a high-dimensional configuration space) is not among the beables posited by the new theory. Instead, each particle has an associated “pilot-wave” field (living in physical space). A number of additional fields (also fields on physical space) maintain (...)
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    Against 'Realism'.Travis Norsen - 2007 - Foundations of Physics 37 (3):311-340.
    We examine the prevalent use of the phrase “local realism” in the context of Bell’s Theorem and associated experiments, with a focus on the question: what exactly is the ‘realism’ in ‘local realism’ supposed to mean? Carefully surveying several possible meanings, we argue that all of them are flawed in one way or another as attempts to point out a second premise (in addition to locality) on which the Bell inequalities rest, and (hence) which might be rejected in the face (...)
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  3. Local Causality and Completeness: Bell Vs. Jarrett. [REVIEW]Travis Norsen - 2009 - Foundations of Physics 39 (3):273-294.
    J.S. Bell believed that his famous theorem entailed a deep and troubling conflict between the empirically verified predictions of quantum theory and the notion of local causality that is motivated by relativity theory. Yet many physicists continue to accept, usually on the reports of textbook writers and other commentators, that Bell’s own view was wrong, and that, in fact, the theorem only brings out a conflict with determinism or the hidden-variables program or realism or some other such principle that (unlike (...)
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  4. Einstein's Boxes.Travis Norsen - 2005 - American Journal of Physics 73:164--176.
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    Can the Wave Function in Configuration Space Be Replaced by Single-Particle Wave Functions in Physical Space?Travis Norsen, Damiano Marian & Xavier Oriols - 2015 - Synthese 192 (10):3125-3151.
    The ontology of Bohmian mechanics includes both the universal wave function and particles. Proposals for understanding the physical significance of the wave function in this theory have included the idea of regarding it as a physically-real field in its 3N-dimensional space, as well as the idea of regarding it as a law of nature. Here we introduce and explore a third possibility in which the configuration space wave function is simply eliminated—replaced by a set of single-particle pilot-wave fields living in (...)
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    Review of Alisa Bokulich, Gregg Jaeger (Eds.), Philosophy of Quantum Information and Entanglement[REVIEW]Travis Norsen - 2011 - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2011 (2).
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    Scientific Cululativity and Conceptual Change: The Case of 'Temperature'.Travis Norsen - unknown
    I examine the historical development of the concept ``temperature'' from the point of view of questions about the stability of concepts during episodes of theory change. It is argued that the concept retains its identity and meaning through two quite radical developments in surrounding theory, even while these developments uncover novel fundamental characteristics of ``temperature'' and allow new associated definitions for the concept. I then indicate some of the differing underlying philosophical views which have caused others to view this kind (...)
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