1. Authentic Leadership and Behavioral Integrity as Drivers of Follower Commitment and Performance.Hannes Leroy, Michael E. Palanski & Tony Simons - 2012 - Journal of Business Ethics 107 (3):255-264.
    The literatures on both authentic leadership and behavioral integrity have argued that leader integrity drives follower performance. Yet, despite overlap in conceptualization and mechanisms, no research has investigated how authentic leadership and behavioral integrity relate to one another in driving follower performance. In this study, we propose and test the notion that authentic leadership behavior is an antecedent to perceptions of leader behavioral integrity, which in turn affects follower affective organizational commitment and follower work role performance. Analysis of a survey (...)
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    Behavioral Integrity: Examining the Effects of Trust Velocity and Psychological Contract Breach.Gretchen R. Vogelgesang, Craig Crossley, Tony Simons & Bruce J. Avolio - 2020 - Journal of Business Ethics 172 (1):175-190.
    Leader behavioral integrity (BI) is central to perceived credibility and thus to leaders’ effectiveness at fostering ethical and other climates. Our research broadens the theoretical foundation for BI research by integrating the cognitive–attributional role of trust in the formation and maintenance of leader BI perceptions. Guided by recent research on trust primacy and prior theories of fairness used to examine ethical behavior, we examine how perceptions of leader BI can be either diminished or maintained through trust velocity following a psychological (...)
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    How Leader Alignment of Words and Deeds Affects Followers: A Meta-analysis of Behavioral Integrity Research.Tony Simons, Hannes Leroy, Veroniek Collewaert & Stijn Masschelein - 2015 - Journal of Business Ethics 132 (4):831-844.
    Substantial research examines the follower consequences of leader alignment of words and deeds, but no research has quantitatively reviewed these effects. This study examines extant research on behavioral integrity and contrasts it with two other constructs that focus on alignment: moral integrity and psychological contract breaches. We compare effect sizes between the three constructs, and find that BI has stronger effects on trust, in-role task performance and citizenship behavior than moral integrity and stronger effects on commitment and OCB than psychological (...)
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    What is in it for Me? Middle Manager Behavioral Integrity and Performance.Sean A. Way, Tony Simons, Hannes Leroy & Elizabeth A. Tuleja - 2018 - Journal of Business Ethics 150 (3):765-777.
    We propose that middle managers’ perceived organizational support enhances their performance through the sequential mediation of their behavioral integrity and follower organizational citizenship behaviors. We test our model with data collected from middle managers, their direct subordinates, and their direct superiors at 18 hotel properties in China. The current study’s findings contribute to the existing literature on perceived organizational support and behavioral integrity. They also add a practical self-interest argument for middle managers’ efforts to maintain their word-action alignment by demonstrating (...)
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  5. Four key steps in developing leader integrity.Tony Simons, Kevin Basik & Hannes Leroy - 2011 - In Charles Wankel & Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch (eds.), Management education for integrity: ethically educating tomorrow's business leaders. Emerald.
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