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    Stakeholders Matter: How Social Enterprises Address Mission Drift.Tommaso Ramus & Antonino Vaccaro - 2017 - Journal of Business Ethics 143 (2):307-322.
    This study explores social enterprises’ strategies for addressing mission drift. Relying on an inductive comparative case study of two Italian social enterprises, we show how stakeholder engagement combined with social accounting can successfully support a social venture to re-balance its positioning between wealth generation and social value creation. Indeed, stakeholder engagement helps the internal actors of a social enterprise to rationalize and embody pro-social values previously abandoned, while social accounting reinforces this embodiment process by showing the reintroduced social commitment of (...)
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  2. The Italian Economia Aziendale and Catholic Social Teaching: How to Apply the Common Good Principle at the Managerial Level. [REVIEW]Ericka Costa & Tommaso Ramus - 2012 - Journal of Business Ethics 106 (1):103-116.
    The ongoing global economic and financial crisis has exposed the risks of considering market and business organizations only as instruments for creating economic wealth while paying little heed to their role in ethics and values. Catholic Social Teaching (CST) could provide a useful contribution in rethinking the role of values in business organizations and markets because CST puts forward an anthropological view that involves thinking of the marketplace as a community of persons with the aim of participating in the Common (...)
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    Social or Commercial? Innovation Strategies in Social Enterprises at Times of Turbulence.Tommaso Ramus, Barbara La Cara, Antonino Vaccaro & Stefano Brusoni - 2018 - Business Ethics Quarterly 28 (4):463-492.
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    The Bright Side of Hybridity: Exploring How Social Enterprises Manage and Leverage Their Hybrid Nature.Tomislav Rimac, Tommaso Ramus, Francesco Rullani & Luca Mongelli - 2019 - Journal of Business Ethics 159 (2):301-305.
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  5. Italian Economia Aziendale as a Model Inspired by Catholic Humanism.Tommaso Ramus & Ericka Costa - 2015 - In Martin Schlag & Domènec Melé (eds.), Humanism in Economics and Business. Springer Verlag.
  6. Coordinated Enactment: How Organizational Departments Work Together to Implement CSR.David Risi, Christopher Wickert & Tommaso Ramus - forthcoming - Business and Society.
    Research on the implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has revealed the critical role of CSR departments vis-à-vis functional departments. While both CSR and functional departments influence CSR implementation, the question of how they work together remains underexamined. We address this question by mobilizing and merging two complementary yet separate perspectives on CSR implementation: “coordination” and “enactment.” Building on a comparative case study involving seven large Swiss financial institutions that have established CSR departments and implemented CSR to varying extents, we (...)
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