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    Research Ethics Education Challenges in a Psychology Department.Todd M. Freeberg & Todd M. Moore - 2012 - Teaching Ethics 12 (2):107-111.
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    Communicative cultures in cetaceans: Big questions are unanswered, functional analyses are needed.Todd M. Freeberg - 2001 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 24 (2):334-334.
    Demonstrating cetacean communicative cultures requires documenting vocal differences among conspecific groups that are socially learned and stable across generations. Evidence to date does not provide strong scientific support for culture in cetacean vocal systems. Further, functional analyses with playbacks are needed to determine whether observed group differences in vocalizations are meaningful to the animals themselves.
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    Commentary on “the gladiator Sparrow: Ethical issues in behavioral research on captive populations of wild animals”.Todd M. Freeberg - 2004 - Science and Engineering Ethics 10 (4):721-725.
    This case involves invasive research on captive wild populations of birds to study aggressive animal behavior. The case and associated commentaries raise and examine fundamental issues: whether and under what conditions, such research is ethically justified when the research has no expected, direct application to the human species; the moral status of animals and how one balances concern for the animal’s interests against the value of gains in scientific knowledge. They also emphasize the issue of the importance of a thorough (...)
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