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    Pragmatic conventionalism and sport normativity in the face of intractable dilemmas.Tim L. Elcombe & Alun R. Hardman - 2019 - Journal of the Philosophy of Sport 47 (1):14-32.
    We build on Morgan’s deep conventionalist base by offering a pragmatic approach for achieving normative progress on sports most intractable problems (e.g. performance enhancemen...
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    Sport, Aesthetic Experience, and Art as the Ideal Embodied Metaphor.Tim L. Elcombe - 2012 - Journal of the Philosophy of Sport 39 (2):201-217.
    Despite a prevalence of articles exploring links between sport and art in the 1970s and 1980s, philosophers in the new millennium pay relatively little explicit attention to issues related to aesthetics generally. After providing a synopsis of earlier debates over the questions ‘is sport art?’ and ‘are aesthetics implicit to sport?’, a pragmatically informed conception of aesthetic experience will be developed. Aesthetic experience, it will be argued, vitally informs sport ethics, game logic, and participant meaning. Finally, I will argue that (...)
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    Sport Philosophy Inquiry in 3D: A Pragmatic Response to the Philosophy Paradox.Tim L. Elcombe - 2018 - Sport, Ethics and Philosophy 12 (3):317-333.
    A paradoxical attitude exists toward professional philosophy: philosophical inquiry is considered important and complex, but professionals are deemed irrelevant and unnecessary. This paradox doubly affects sport philosophy as evidenced by the field’s marginalization in higher education and sociopolitical discourse. To counter the sport philosophy paradox, I present a pragmatically oriented three-dimensional approach to inquiry that turns the field “inside-out”. A community of engaged, melioratively oriented sport philosophy inquirers in this 3D model collectively conducts theoretical, applied, and instrumental inquiry. Each dimension (...)
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    The allure of sports in western culture. [REVIEW]Tim L. Elcombe - 2022 - Journal of the Philosophy of Sport 49 (2):292-297.
    I began writing this review of John Zilcosky and Marlo Burks’ edited volume, The Allure of Sports in Western Culture, as the Russian invasion of Ukraine commenced. In the wake of the military campa...
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