Tim Duvall [3]Timothy Joseph Duvall [1]
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    Rewriting the Bases of Capitalism: Reflexive Modernity and Ecological Sustainability as the Foundations of a New Normative Framework. [REVIEW]Uma Balakrishnan, Tim Duvall & Patrick Primeaux - 2003 - Journal of Business Ethics 47 (4):299 - 314.
    The debate on sustainable globalized development rests on two clearly stated economic assumptions: that "development" proceeds, solely and inevitably, through industrialization and the proliferation of capital intensive high-technology, towards the creation of service sector economies; and that globalization, based on a neoliberal, capitalist, free market ideology, provides the only vehicle for such development. Sustainability, according to the proponents of globalized development, is merely a function of market forces, which will generate the solutions for all problems including the environmental dilemmas that (...)
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    The Will to Politics: Nietzsche's (A)Political Thought.Paul Dotson & Tim Duvall - 1999 - The European Legacy 4 (2):24-42.
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    Ethical and Economic Issues in the Use of Zero-Emission Vehicles as a Component of an Air-Pollution Mitigation Strategy.Tim Duvall, Fred Englander, Valerie Englander, Thomas J. Hodson & Mark Marpet - 2002 - Science and Engineering Ethics 8 (4):561-578.
    The air pollution generated by motor vehicles and by static sources is, in certain geographic areas, a very serious problem, a problem that exists because of a failure of the marketplace. To address this marketplace failure, the State of California has mandated that by 2003, 10% of the Light-Duty Vehicle Fleet (LDV) be composed of Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEVs). However, the policy-making process that was utilized to generate the ZEV mandate was problematic and the resulting ZEV mandate is economically unsound. Moreover, (...)
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