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    Statistical learning of a tonal language: the influence of bilingualism and previous linguistic experience.Tianlin Wang & Jenny R. Saffran - 2014 - Frontiers in Psychology 5.
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    Second Language Experience Facilitates Statistical Learning of Novel Linguistic Materials.Christine E. Potter, Tianlin Wang & Jenny R. Saffran - 2017 - Cognitive Science 41 (S4):913-927.
    Recent research has begun to explore individual differences in statistical learning, and how those differences may be related to other cognitive abilities, particularly their effects on language learning. In this research, we explored a different type of relationship between language learning and statistical learning: the possibility that learning a new language may also influence statistical learning by changing the regularities to which learners are sensitive. We tested two groups of participants, Mandarin Learners and Naïve Controls, at two time points, 6 (...)
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    Do Infants Learn Words From Statistics? Evidence From English‐Learning Infants Hearing Italian.Amber Shoaib, Tianlin Wang, Jessica F. Hay & Jill Lany - 2018 - Cognitive Science 42 (8):3083-3099.
    Infants are sensitive to statistical regularities (i.e., transitional probabilities, or TPs) relevant to segmenting words in fluent speech. However, there is debate about whether tracking TPs results in representations of possible words. Infants show preferential learning of sequences with high TPs (HTPs) as object labels relative to those with low TPs (LTPs). Such findings could mean that only the HTP sequences have a word‐like status, and they are more readily mapped to a referent for that reason. But these findings could (...)
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    Learning-Based Path Planning Algorithm in Ocean Currents for Multi-Glider.Wei Lan, Xiang Jin, Xin Chang, Tianlin Wang & Han Zhou - 2022 - Complexity 2022:1-17.
    In practical application studies of glider formations, ocean currents are a major influencing factor in their path planning. The purpose of this paper is to solve the path planning problem of glider formations in time-varying ocean currents and establish gliders, glider formation, and ocean current models based on existing data. The Doc-CNN architecture is tailored to conform to the operation and environment characteristics of gliders in practical application. After experiments, the algorithm of the improved architecture can be used in the (...)
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