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    Emotion identification across adulthood using the Dynamic FACES database of emotional expressions in younger, middle aged, and older adults.Catherine A. C. Holland, Natalie C. Ebner, Tian Lin & Gregory R. Samanez-Larkin - 2018 - Cognition and Emotion 33 (2):245-257.
    ABSTRACTFacial stimuli are widely used in behavioural and brain science research to investigate emotional facial processing. However, some studies have demonstrated that dynamic expressions elicit stronger emotional responses compared to static images. To address the need for more ecologically valid and powerful facial emotional stimuli, we created Dynamic FACES, a database of morphed videos from younger, middle-aged, and older adults displaying naturalistic emotional facial expressions. To assess adult age differences in emotion identification of dynamic stimuli and to provide normative ratings (...)
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    An Adult Developmental Approach to Perceived Facial Attractiveness and Distinctiveness.Natalie C. Ebner, Joerg Luedicke, Manuel C. Voelkle, Michaela Riediger, Tian Lin & Ulman Lindenberger - 2018 - Frontiers in Psychology 9.
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    Stock Price Pattern Prediction Based on Complex Network and Machine Learning.Hongduo Cao, Tiantian Lin, Ying Li & Hanyu Zhang - 2019 - Complexity 2019:1-12.
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    The effects of face attractiveness on face memory depend on both age of perceiver and age of face.Tian Lin, Håkan Fischer, Marcia K. Johnson & Natalie C. Ebner - 2019 - Cognition and Emotion 34 (5):875-889.
    Face attractiveness can influence memory for previously seen faces. This effect has been shown to differ for young and older perceivers. Two parallel studies examined the moderation of both the age...
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