Thorian R. Harris [3]Thorian Rane Harris [1]
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    Sagehood: The Contemporary Significance of Neo-Confucian Philosophy (Review).Thorian R. Harris - 2012 - Philosophy East and West 62 (3):392-397.
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    Aristotle and Confucius on the Socioeconomics of Shame.Thorian R. Harris - 2014 - Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy 13 (3):323-342.
    The sociopolitical significance Aristotle and Confucius attribute to possessing a sense of shame serves to emphasize the importance of its development. Aristotle maintains that social class and wealth are prerequisites for its acquisition, while Confucius is optimistic that it can be developed regardless of socioeconomic considerations. The difference between their positions is largely due to competing views of praiseworthy dispositions. While Aristotle conceives of praiseworthy dispositions as “consistent” traits of character, traits that calcifiy as one reaches adulthood, Confucius offers us (...)
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    A Reply to Stephen Angle.Thorian R. Harris - 2012 - Philosophy East and West 62 (3):400-402.