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Thomas Boyer-Kassem
Université de Poitiers
  1. Is a bird in the hand worth two in the bush? Or, whether scientists should publish intermediate results.Thomas Boyer - 2014 - Synthese 191 (1):17-35.
    A part of the scientific literature consists of intermediate results within a longer project. Scientists often publish a first result in the course of their work, while aware that they should soon achieve a more advanced result from this preliminary result. Should they follow the proverb “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, and publish any intermediate result they get? This is the normative question addressed in this paper. My aim is to clarify, to refine, and (...)
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    Interpréter une théorie physique.Thomas Boyer & Anouk Barberousse - 2013 - Methodos 13.
    Les théories physiques sont aujourd'hui très mathématisées, et ce que les scientifiques manipulent pour décrire, prédire et contrôler les phénomènes, ce sont (entre autres) des équations, comportant de nombreux symboles mathématiques. Ces objets mathématiques n'ont pas de signification physique en eux-mêmes : ils ne « parlent » pas d'eux-mêmes des phénomènes. Une interprétation est nécessaire. Ce qui nous intéresse dans cet article est ainsi l'interprétation dont une théorie physique doit faire l'objet pour remplir son rôle. Nous commençons par expliciter une (...)
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    Coexistence of several interpretations of quantum mechanics and the fruitfulness of scientific works.Thomas Boyer - unknown
    The coexistence of several interpretations of one theory is considered through the example of non-relativistic quantum mechanics. The problem considered is whether physicists manage to work properly in spite of the several interpretations. The criterion adopted is the possibility of re-using others' works for another research: this is called "fruitfulness of works". It is argued that such a fruitfulness is possible between works made in different quantum interpretations.
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    Whether scientists should try to go it alone: a formal model for the risk of split of a scientific community.Thomas Boyer - unknown
    In this paper, I address a question in social epistemology about the unity of a scientic community to- wards its inner groups (teams, labs...). I investigate the reasons why these groups might want to \go it alone", working among themselves and hiding their discoveries from other groups. I concentrate on the intermediate results of a longer project, where the first steps can help to achieve a more advanced result. I study to what extent the isolation of research groups might be (...)
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    What numerical methods are not. The case of multilayered simulations, with several computational models.Thomas Boyer - unknown
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    Statistical simulations with imaginary time path integral: only one computational model?Thomas Boyer - unknown