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    Knowledge at the Crossroads: Some Alternative Futures of Hypertext Learning Environments.Nicholas C. Burbules & Thomas A. Callister - 1996 - Educational Theory 46 (1):23-50.
  2. Knowledge at the Crossroads: Alternative Futures of Hypertext Environments for Learning.Nicholas C. Burbules & Thomas A. Callister - 1996 - Educational Theory 46 (1):23-50.
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    The Risky Promises and Promising Risks of New Information Technologies for Education.Thomas A. Callister & Nicholas C. Burbules - 1999 - Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society 19 (2):105-112.
    Most discussions of the potential of new information technologies for education have taken one of two forms: enthusiastic proclamations of the revolutionary impact that IT can have for teaching and learning in school and nonschool settings, or dire warnings of the terrible fraud being perpetrated on society about the educational potential of IT. This essay attempts to avoid exaggerated optimism and pessimism about IT and education, while avoiding the trite oversimplification that technology is “neutral” and can be used for good (...)
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    Educational Computing's New Direction: Cautiously Approaching an Unpredictable Future.Thomas A. Callister - 1994 - Educational Theory 44 (2):239-256.