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    CWI Tract.Theo M. V. Janssen - 1986
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  2. Frege, contextuality and compositionality.Theo M. V. Janssen - 2001 - Journal of Logic, Language and Information 10 (1):115-136.
    There are two principles which bear the name Frege''sprinciple: the principle of compositionality, and the contextprinciple. The aim of this contribution is to investigate whether thisis justified: did Frege accept both principles at the same time, did hehold the one principle but not the other, or did he, at some moment,change his opinion? The conclusion is as follows. There is a developmentin Frege''s position. In the period of Grundlagen he followed to a strict form of contextuality. He repeatedcontextuality in later (...)
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    Independent choices and the interpretation of IF logic.Theo M. V. Janssen - 2002 - Journal of Logic, Language and Information 11 (3):367-387.
    In this paper it is argued that Hintikka's game theoreticalsemantics for Independence Friendly logic does not formalize theintuitions about independent choices; it rather is aformalization of imperfect information. Furthermore it is shownthat the logic has several remarkable properties (e.g.,renaming of bound variables is not allowed). An alternativesemantics is proposed which formalizes intuitions aboutindependence.
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    Truth, interpretation, and information: selected papers from the third Amsterdam colloquium.Jeroen Groenendijk, Theo M. V. Janssen & Martin Stokhof (eds.) - 1984 - Cinnaminson, U.S.A.: Foris Publications.
    A Theory of Truth and Semantic Representation Hans Kamp. INTRODUCTION Two conceptions of meaning have dominated formal semantics of natural language. ...
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    Montague semantics.Theo M. V. Janssen - forthcoming - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
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    Compositional Natural Language Semantics using Independence Friendly Logic or Dependence Logic.Theo M. V. Janssen - 2013 - Studia Logica 101 (2):453-466.
    Independence Friendly Logic, introduced by Hintikka, is a logic in which a quantifier can be marked for being independent of other quantifiers. Dependence logic, introduced by Väänänen, is a logic with the complementary approach: for a quantifier it can be indicated on which quantifiers it depends. These logics are claimed to be useful for many phenomena, for instance natural language semantics. In this contribution we will compare these two logics by investigating their application in a compositional analysis of the de (...)
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    Logical investigations on ptq arising from programming requirements.Theo M. V. Janssen - 1980 - Synthese 44 (3):361 - 390.