1. Existentially closed structures and gödel's second incompleteness theorem.Zofia Adamowicz & Teresa Bigorajska - 2001 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 66 (1):349-356.
    We prove that any 1-closed (see def 1.1) model of the Π 2 consequences of PA satisfies ¬Cons PA which gives a proof of the second Godel incompleteness theorem without the use of the Godel diagonal lemma. We prove a few other theorems by the same method.
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    Strongly maximal subgroups determined by elements in interstices.Teresa Bigorajska - 2003 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 49 (1):101-108.
    Continuing the earlier research in [1] and [4] we work out a class of interstices in countable arithmetically saturated models of PA in which selective types are realized and a class of interstices in which 2-indiscernible types are realized.
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    Universal Induction and True Universal Arithmetic.Teresa Bigorajska - 1994 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 40 (1):103-105.
    We prove that every finitely generated model for induction for universal formulas without parameters satisfies also all true universal sentences.
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