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    Śālikanātha’s Criticism of Dharmakīrti’s Svasaṃvedana Theory.Taiken Kyuma - 2010 - Journal of Indian Philosophy 38 (3):247-259.
    The aim of this paper is to clarify how Śālikanātha’s epistemology can be distinguished from that of Dharmakīrti, especially in terms of their respective views on cognitive form (ākāra). It has been pointed out that Śālikanātha’s tripuṭī theory and svayaṃprakāśa theory are very close to Dharmakīrti’s epistemology. However, it remains questionable if Śālikanātha, who belongs to the Prābhākara branch of the Mīmāṃsā and is therefore a nirākāravādin, can subscribe to notions that Dharmakīrti developed on the basis of sākāravāda. The present (...)
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  2. "Zoku Shisaku to Taiken" Igo.Kitarō Nishida - 1948
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