1.  58
    Completely mitotic R.E. degrees.R. G. Downey & T. A. Slaman - 1989 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 41 (2):119-152.
  2.  31
    Computability, enumerability, unsolvability: directions in recursion theory.S. B. Cooper, T. A. Slaman & S. S. Wainer (eds.) - 1996 - New York: Cambridge University Press.
    The fundamental ideas concerning computation and recursion naturally find their place at the interface between logic and theoretical computer science. The contributions in this book, by leaders in the field, provide a picture of current ideas and methods in the ongoing investigations into the pure mathematical foundations of computability theory. The topics range over computable functions, enumerable sets, degree structures, complexity, subrecursiveness, domains and inductive inference. A number of the articles contain introductory and background material which it is hoped will (...)
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    ∑1 definitions with parameters.T. A. Slaman - 1986 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 51 (2):453-461.
    Let p be a set. A function φ is uniformly σ 1 (p) in every admissible set if there is a σ 1 formula φ in the parameter p so that φ defines φ in every σ 1 -admissible set which includes p. A theorem of Van de Wiele states that if φ is a total function from sets to sets then φ is uniformly σ 1R in every admissible set if anly only if it is E-recursive. A function is (...)
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