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    How Person-Organization Fit Impacts Employees' Perceptions of Justice and Well-Being.Marta Roczniewska, Sylwiusz Retowski & E. Tory Higgins - 2018 - Frontiers in Psychology 8.
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    Emotional Labour and Indirectly Measured Attitude Towards Occupation in Explaining Employee Well-Being.Aleksandra Fila–Jankowska & Sylwiusz Retowski - 2013 - Polish Psychological Bulletin 44 (2):165-175.
    Drawing on the model of Grandey, it was proposed that the attitude towards occupation could buffer the negative effects of emotional labour. A total of 173 teachers participated in the study. Attitudes towards occupation, surface acting, emotional exhaustion and job satisfaction were estimated. The indirect measure of the attitude towards occupation was assessed using the Approaching-Avoidance Simulation Method. Confirmatory Factor Analysis proved the validity and reliability of the indirect measurement, which is based on uncontrolled reactions of the respondents towards stimuli (...)
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